SF Day 2 - A Blurry Night of Hurt

So my photos of the drive up to SF lacked any descriptions, mainly because I was too tired to write anything.  Today may be a little bit better, but not great haha.  So the day began with a stop at Red's Java House for a patty melt, a plate of corn beef hash, a bloody mary, and a partial view of the Bay Bridge.  I found it a little weird that Red's only had a 3.5 star Yelp rating when the corn beef hash pretty much blew my mind.

From there we made a stop at a Blue Bottle Coffee.  I'll be honest, the first time I had Blue Bottle was the day I was truly turned into a coffee lover.  I'm a little disappointed Blue Bottle hasn't made it's way to LA yet, but there's a lot we're missing out on.  There is a little Blue Bottle stand at the Los Feliz Farmer's Market on Sunday's, but for some reason it just isn't as good as having the real deal at one of their locations in SF.  Their New Orlean's cold brew coffee is amazing, and if you're at one of their spots that offers their Kyoto iced drip, don't hesitate to grab a cup.  This Blue Bottle also happened to be adjacent to a pottery shop next door which had some beautiful pieces for sale.

Having had to kill some time grabbing coffee and stopping by the Dainese D-Store, we checked in our hotel and headed out to do some touristy stuff before dinner.  Golden Gate Bridge, here we came.  It's funny how as a kid, stuff like this bored me, but now I get excited to explore and take photos of the most cliche of places. 

The weather was a bit too brisk to stay out too long, so next came dinner.  We ended up at Wayfare Tavern, but the food was so great that I decided on making its own post.  So after dinner we roamed the city a bit to stop and take some night photos before looking for a place to grab drinks.

The rest of night involved an Asian Tom Selleck, Chinese Whiskey, and burny.  I'll make sure I write about soon, but for now my head hurts.