Nopa's Pork Chop

Nopa, SF - So while other dishes were ordered, the main dish that made me a believer was the Country Pork Chop.  Having ordered the albacore and pappardelle, which were both great, sadly they were both overshadowed by the pork chop.  I never knew that Pork could have a similar texture to Beef.  it was juicy and succulent, and pulled apart with little effort.  It's the benchmark all pork should aim for and could possibly have killed carnitas in general for me.  Following dinner we had some fresh sopaipillas, a main stay on the menu at Nopa, and an ice cream and sorbet trio.  The sopaipillas were fresh, warm, and crispy.  Served with a side of caramel, they simply melted in your mouth.  While I started the night with high expectations, the meal grew to exceed them and has become a must visit establishment the next time i'm in San Francisco.