SF to LA, the Final Day

I couldn't wait to leave SF.  My friends and I were all feeling a bit down from several days of intensive eating.  I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, but back to reality we went.  Before leaving we decided to drop by Cheung Hing for a bit of congee, but ended up ordering two plates of mixed Canto BBQ.  Cheung Hing has been a main staple for my friend who basically grew up eating there.  I can say without a doubt that it was some of the best Canto BBQ i've had and I think that really had to do with the fast turnaround time of their meats.  Everything sold fairly quickly which meant that meat wasn't left under heat lamps to lose their oils and dry up.  The pork was all moist and tender and fatty, and that's the way bbq pork should be.

Next up was Hollow Cafe for a bit of coffee.  I had way too much Blue Bottle while in SF, and I was just craving a good cup of a cold brew.  Hollow is a tiny little cafe that may fit a maximum of 8 people, but it's filled with random little items like flasks and cigar holders and homemade marshmallows.  It has a really nice boutique feel to it and reminded me a lot of Seattle.  It's a total shame that all these cool little spots aren't in LA.  It was a nice little stop before the endlessness of the 5 freeway where I sat around taking pictures out the back of my car while my friend drove.

Having finally got back to LA, we decided to make a stop at Yabu for a nice and easy meal of soba.  I definitely got way more food than I had expected, but it was a good solid meal.  It's a little weird being back in LA.  I'm physically still recuperating from my mini vacation in SF, but mentally i'm pushing myself back to work mode.  Now i'm looking forward to roaming around Taiwan and Japan in December as well as bringing back  Look forward to updates soon!