Veromia Look Book

A little while ago I was hired to shoot a look book for a Hong Kong based designer label.  Got to work with my favorite people including Crystal Tran ( ) and Juliet Vo ( ) as well as my trusty right hand man Jeffrey Lin.  These are some of the shots that we produced.  The set was shot with ah Hasselblad H2 with P45+ back provided by Rick Rose my digital tech.

Miss Universe Vietnam

The following are some images I shot in December last year that were suppose to be for a cover for lifestyle/fashion publication.  These were suppose to be printed for the February issue, then March, and now April.  It's April now and so far these images do not seem like they will be printed anytime soon, so here they are.  The worst part is that we had 72 hours from the time we were notified about the shoot to plan and shoot everything, and a total of 4 hours the day of the shoot to shoot.  This included 2 hours on location and 2 hours in studio.  The fun of shooting fashion editorials!

What Makes a Good Fashion Model?

For any aspiring photographer or model, this video is a must watch.  I've always preached that a model has to be more than a meat puppet.  There needs to be that spark in the personality.. that glow.  She needs to be able to entrance.  She needs to be a professional and strive to be amazing.  This movie is a must watch!

Words of Wisdom from Patrick Demarchelier

"You don't succeed overnight, it's a long thing.  You're a young photographer, you work with more clients, there's more jobs.  And you work, and you don't know where you're going year by year.  It's many years before you have success.  Success in photography is what you do everyday. Every day is a new day, so you have to work every day.  So you don't really succeed, you have to do it again every day."

-Patrick Demarchelier