The Ferry Building, a New Friend, and some Random Stuff

One of the great places to eat has more than one place to eat.  The Ferry Building is the food court foodie dreams are made of filled with fresh bread, Italian meats, huge selections of cheeses, fresh seafood, and more.   So of course, making a stop there was a must.  The first necessity was some freshly shucked oysters.  It's just a great light way to start the day.  Next off was Boccalone to order a bit of Italian meats.  A plate of prosciutto and some other meats and we were off for some bread at Acme bread and some Gouda at Cowgirl Creamery.

The best part of a la carte foods at the Ferry building is being able to grab a table overlooking the ocean and the Bay Bridge.  It can be a bit annoying being surrounded by onlookers of both the human and aviary variety, but the view and the food make it completely