Tony Duran for Kohler

To whomever said you should never meet your heroes, i'm truly sorry your experience didn't live up to your expectations because I met one of my heroes and it's been a dream come true ever since.  I've been a fan of Tony Duran's work since my photo career began around 2006.  It took about 8 years but now i'm working with the living legend himself.  The following ad was my first job with him and I can't thank him enough for taking a chance with me.  The result is absolutely breathtaking if I say so myself.

Flaunt Denim Editorial - Retouching

Mr Yoshino just emailed me the tears from a recent shoot he did for Flaunt.  The team is as follows:

Photographer: @yoshinostudios

Publication: @flauntmagazine

Model: @nilsbtler @twomanagement

Casting + Production: @adzybrowne @sixwolvescreative

Stylist: @julietvo

Make Up: @jeffreybaum @ateliermgmt

Hair: @yuends

Photo Assistant: @evanduning @dfla_studio

Retoucher: @theallenchu

A Week Hooning

Tony Harmer is one of the best photographers I know.  One of my favorite clients is Ken Block and the Hoonigan Racing team.  Getting to work with all of them for a week is, well, pretty awesome.  While I don't know much about Mr. Block besides the fact that he's a really nice guy and that i've slowly developed a man crush on him, i'm friends with the rest of the guys and they're hands down some of the best people I know.. Like If the zombie apocalypse were to happen and they turned into zombies, i'd still have to think twice about ending them.  Terrible analogy?  Anyways, this has been the second year that i've been lucky enough to hang out with them for a week straight.  Check out the photos below!

PS these were the last photos I shot on my Fuji X-E1.  It has now been replaced by a Sony RX1 which i'm super excited about.  Hopefully it'll kick start me back into shooting mode and kick start my blogging again.

PPS Check out the final images shot by Tony Harmer and retouched by myself at the following: