Ken Block 2013 Livery Launch

So like I said in my prior post, I was recently lucky enough to be flown out to Utah to help on the launch of Ken Block's 2013 WRC and Gymkhana livery.  Ken Block has suddenly launched himself as a household name and icon in the racing scene with this Gymkhana vides on YouTube.  His talent is unquestionable and having been able to meet him, I can only tell you how genuinely nice of a guy he is.  I just can't help but root for him.

During the trip I worked with photographer Tony Harmer ( ) who was a pleasure to work with.  I'm typically use to sitting in front of my work computer retouching images sent online so it was a treat to not only work on location, but work with such a talented photographer.  The images were simply spectacular and has only received positive feedback since the launch.  Really excited to continue working with Mr. Harmer in the future.

I want to thank my friend Lindsay Ross for referring me, the whole Hoonigan Racing and Monster Racing Division, Tony Harmer and his assistant Porter, and Ken Block, for being such gracious and entertaining hosts.  Hope you guys enjoy the images too!