X-E1 Snaps: July 4th!


Ended up spending the 4th bbq'ing with some friends at the Rose Bowl.  It's been a while since i've gotten to see a live fireworks show!  Felt like a little kid again.  I was super excited to take some firework photos with the X-E1 but sadly I had to free hand these longer exposures because I left my tripod at home.  Hopefully i'll remember next year, but enjoy these photos! 

X-E1 Snaps: Bludso's BBQ

Sometimes you just need to eat some meat, and a lot of it.  I've never really had a go to bbq spot, but now i've found it!  Bludso's BBQ on La Brea.  The bbq is smokey, moist, fatty, and just delicious.  There's tons of different methods of preparation  but to me it all begins with a good dry rub and smoke.  Bludso's dry rub recipe is an amazing mix of sweet and spicy and when mixed with their smoking style creates a ridiculously good flavor.  If you haven't had any good BBQ you owe it to yourself to check them out.  If you're a purist, definitely check out their Compton location as i've heard it's even better than the new spot on La Brea.

X-E1 Snaps: Cham Korean Bistro

Decent Korean food in SGV?  It's happened.  There's Oo-Kook in San Gabriel for Korean BBQ, and Cham Korean Bistro in Pasadena.  Yeah I know therer are other Korean restaurants in the vicinity but these two are a taste of KTown without the drive to LA.  I ended up ordering a little bit of everything since I was there with familiy.  Bimbimbop, glass noodles, tofu wraps, salad, and hite beer ( exactly how I knew it was really Korean ).  Enjoy the photos!

X-E1 Snaps: Taiwanese Breakfast, Coffee, & Ramen

One of my favorite Taiwanese restaurants happens to be in Monterey Park.  It also happens to have a very strange name.  It's called Huge Tree Pastry which i've nicknamed Happy Tree Time.  On occasion i'll find myself there with friends being sassed and harassed by the waitress and owner.  Definitely drop by if you want to try some authentic Taiwanese food.  It's good.  It's like my momma makes.  It's like Taiwan.

That day I also visited Coffee Commissary.  Beyond the see of hipsters and Apple products lies a small group of barristas that make some killer coffee.  I've had everything from Cappuccino to Cold brew there, and it's always been satisfying.  On occasion you'll also enjoy some random baked goods there that are always surprisingly good.

Last stop for this post is Shin-Sen-Gumi in Little Tokyo.  There are several types of ramen and each have their own place in my heart.  Shin-Sen-Gumi serves Hakata style ramen built to order.  The best part is an extra serving of noodles for $1 and orders of perfectly made runny eggs.  I still don't know how they do it, but it's too good to bother asking.